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Valorant's Killjoy speeches gathered in one place

Valorant's Kiljoy speeches gathered in one place

Valorant's Kiljoy voices gathered in one place for you to use for status! Here in the Coliseu Geek I separate for you the best phrases of the game characters. Valorant always comes back here and this time a specific character. All Killjoy quotes from Valorant for you.

Valorant's Kiljoy speeches gathered in one place

“Drive them crazy, Raze! You're good at it.”

"Viper, I'm speechless… and I always have something to say!"

"Ah, the popular one in the room also has a brain, impressive."

“Cypher, my condenser cables are missing from the lab again. Put them back, please. Thanks."

“Why isn't anyone wearing the wrist monitor I gave you? Honestly, I just asked for a few readings and you guys think I'm Dr. Frankestein.”

“It always seems like Reyna is stalking me. Does anyone else feel that way? Not? Just me?"

"Skye, you're so nice and calm, I'm almost jealous."

“His creations were very primitive. The slit boy will teleport straight into one of my traps.”

“These imposters really think they can fight my technology. Let's test this theory.”

“The enemy Skye is here, but don't worry. My robots will beat her organics every time.”

"Everyone take notes and then let's do it again."

“They look like us, but are they us? I have so many questions.”

“The enemy Raze's technology is just loose parts and sticky tape. It's a mystery how she hasn't exploded yet."

“Are they already dead?! But I still have some tests to run!”

“Viper, do you mind if I run the tests today? You're a little biased… No offense.”

“Is everyone's technology still working? Check again, please.”

"The Viper is full of hate, how can she reason?"

“Remember that your weapon is just a tool, you can't just shoot. You need to think.”

“Skye, with some genetic modifications, your animal flora can be even stronger. Wait, was that offensive? Sorry."

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