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Fun Facts About 101 Dalmatians You Might Not Know

Do you remember the classic Disney movie: 101 Dalmatians? Feel nostalgic with us on this special article!

101 Dalmatians is an animated film that marked (a lot) my childhood, produced by Walt Disney Pictures and released in theaters in 1996 in the United States, directed by Stephen Herek and script of John Hughes. This film is, in fact, one of the best Disney has ever produced, and is highly praised by critics. Remember this classic in our new nostalgic article!

101 Dalmatians Nostalgia Movie
Image/Reproduction: Disney Wiki

American game designer Roger Dearly lives with his Dalmatian dog Pongo in London. One day, Roger takes Pongo for a walk when he sets his eyes on a beautiful female Dalmatian named Brenda. After a frantic chase through the streets of London, Roger discovers that Brenda likes Pongo, and her owner, fashion designer Anita Campbell-Green, falls in love with Roger when they get together at St. James Park. Soon after, they get married, like Pongo and Brenda, move in together and hire nanny Nanna.

Anita works as a fashion designer. Her boss, Cruella de Vil, has two passions in life: cigarettes and fur. Anita, inspired by her Dalmatian, designs a coat with spotted fences. Cruella is intrigued by the idea of making coats from real Dalmatian fur. When she finds out that Brenda has given birth to 15 puppies, she offers the couple a large sum for the puppies, but Roger and Anita refuse.

101 Dalmatians movie
Image/Reproduction: Disney Wiki

Cruella is filled with rage, fires Anita, and promises revenge on them. With that, she sends her henchmen Jasper and Horacio steal the puppies and take them to their former property 'De Vil Mansion'. With the help of other dogs and animals scattered around the city of London - the capital of the country, United Kingdom, the dogs manage to lose Jasper and Horacio, and flee to a nearby farm, where their parents were called to wait for them.

But soon after, Cruela appears and tries to retrieve them, but is kicked into a pigsty by a horse after being covered in molasses. All Dalmatians return home with the Metropolitan Police Service, which arrest Cruella and his henchmen. Roger and Anita adopt all the other puppies she steals, bringing the total to 101.

With everything resolved, Roger designs a new video game, the Dalmatians against the villain Cruella De Vil. In the end, Anita has their first child, they move to a mansion in the UK countryside with its millions of Dalmatians, and Anita tells Roger that she has a surprise, another baby.

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With Additional Information: Disney Wiki

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