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Cyberchase Fun Facts You May Not Know

One of the most amazing cartoons I've watched so far: Cyberchase is back. Do you remember this classic?

cyberchase” is an American design that runs in the PBS Kids. Here in Brazil, the program is shown by TV Culture on the broadcaster's children's grid. It is the broadcaster's highest-rated series, with an average of 4 to 5 points on Ibope daily. In Portugal, for example, the design was exhibited by 2: in 2004 and then re-run by the Panda Channel in 2005. It is currently aired by KidsCo called "Cyberspace Adventures" (Yes!).

Nostalgia Cyberchase Drawing
Image/Reproduction: IMDb

Cyberchase consists of an animated series showing that the most difficult situations can be solved with simple math calculations. A learning design, great for kids in elementary school, ages 8-12. Jackie, Matheus and Agnes – the heroes of different cultures of Cyberchase – who, together with the clever bird Digit, leave their real world and dive into the super colorful environment of space, where they crush evil beings in a thrilling duel of strength and cleverness.

Nostalgia Cyberchase Drawing
Image/Reproduction: IMDb

However, the villain hacker intends to dominate the entire space, but children always prevent that from happening. All children need to be united to solve problems. In some moments, there are situations of risk to the motherboard and its friends. For this, it is necessary to have a very quick plan so that nothing goes wrong.

And let's go to some trivia about the most memorable moments of the drawing:

the cybersite todesville in season two it's called Poddleville but in the following episodes it reverts to its original name. todesville.

From the episode "Trouble in Double", the Spoil-Pleasure is known as Chaos.

Some characters, when they appear for the second time or more in the series, have a different voiceover than in the first episode where they appeared. This is the case of the Evil Witch and the Spider.

In the first season of the series, the chip that would definitely cure the motherboard is called “Encoder Chip“. In the second season it's called “Encryption Chip“.

Another interesting fact is that some characters that appear for the first time have a name (for example, Widget). Then, when it appears for the second time, it has a different name (shorty).

And do you remember this classic design? 🙂

With Information: Wikia

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