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What are the best selling games in the world

What are the best selling games in the world

It is complicated to define which are the best selling games in the world because it is a controversy within the market. First because many of the games can be console-only or pc-only. There are still games that have been on the market for more than 30 years while others have only 5 years. Soon by the estimated time the newest game would end up having more sales taking into account the same time.

Therefore, defining which games were the best sellers is not so easy. Anyway, today's list is general sales. So I separated the total sale regardless of the time of the game or platform. Including one of games will appear twice for having beaten console and general records. That said, so there's no doubt about how the list was made, let's go.

10 – Tetris Game Boy: 35 million

What are the best selling games?

Many of you haven't even picked up a gameboy in your life. But still Tetris specifically for gameboy has sold more than 35 million copies worldwide. And get into the controversy I said, Tetris still exists and will appear on this list again. But the gameboy one sold, and it sold a lot! It deserves a spot on our list today.

9 – Mario Kart Wii: 37.24 million

Another example of a game that has a significant sale on a specific console. But overall, although it's Mario, it was on the Wii that people wanted to bomb their friend's car the most!

8 – Overwatch: 40 million

I just love Overwatch with all my might. Even the expectation for OW2 is up there! It enters our list with more than 40 million copies sold. It doesn't seem like much but try to imagine forty million people playing at the same time! So it is.

7 – Counter Strike: Global Offensive: 46.31 million

Counter Strike: Global Offensive

6 – Super Mario Bros: 40.24 million

Super Mario Bros coliseum geek

5 – PUBG: 60 million


4 – Wii Sports: 82.88 million

I have to confess that I was scared by the number of sales of Wii Sports! I've played it and it's very good and fun, but I never imagined it would have so many sales. Wii really was a sales phenomenon! But now for our top 3!

3 – GTA V: 115 million

I think we can all agree that the only surprise is that GTA V didn't sell more.

2 – Tetris: 170 million

1 – Minecraft: 176 million

What are the best selling games in the world

Yes! Minecraft ranks first as the best-selling game in history! What makes me think. Will it have double, maybe triple the sales in twenty years' time that we see now? Or will people at some point get tired of him? Only time will tell.

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