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How to optimize Cities Skylines II on PC

Cities Skylines II is a city simulation game that has gained a dedicated fan base for its depth and complexity. However, as with many games, optimization can be challenging, especially on older or less powerful hardware.

If you are facing game stability issues due to performance issues, don't worry. In this article, we'll explore strategies for optimizing Cities Skylines II by reducing global illumination, disabling depth of field and volumetrics, and optionally downsampling to 1080p (Full HD).

How to optimize Cities Skylines II on PC

1- Performance issues in Cities Skylines II

Many players have reported performance issues in Cities Skylines II, even on hardware that meets the minimum system requirements. The company responsible for the game, the Paradox Interactive, may release updates to improve optimization over time, but in the meantime, there are steps you can take to improve stability.

2 – Reducing Global Illumination

Global illumination (also known as real-time global illumination) is a resource-intensive feature that can affect game performance. To reduce global illumination:

In the game options menu, go to graphics settings.
Reduce the global illumination quality to a lower setting. You can experiment with various options to find the right balance between performance and visual quality.
This action can significantly improve performance, especially in areas of great complexity.

3 – Disabling Depth of Field and Volumetry

Depth of field and volume are visual effects that can be disabled to save hardware resources:

In the graphics settings, disable the depth of field and volume options.
Try the game without these features and see how it affects performance.
While these effects add depth and realism to the game, disabling them can provide a significant performance boost.

How to optimize Cities Skylines II on PC

4 – Reducing the Resolution (Optional)

If your hardware is really struggling to run the game, you might consider reducing the resolution to 1080p if you are currently playing at a higher resolution. This can significantly ease the load on your hardware, but it's an option to only consider if you're willing to sacrifice some visual quality.

In graphics settings, adjust the game resolution to 1080p or a lower resolution.

5 – Update your Hardware Drivers

Make sure your hardware drivers are up to date. Sometimes a simple driver update can improve game performance. Be sure to check the manufacturer's website for your graphics card and other components for the latest driver versions.

6 – Community Modifications

The gaming community often creates mods and tweaks that can improve game performance. Check the Steam Workshop or game-related forums for mods that can help optimize Cities Skylines II.

7 – Keep the Game Updated

As the company behind the game continues to improve optimization, keep your game updated. New updates may include performance improvements and bug fixes.

Optimizing Cities Skylines II for greater stability on less powerful hardware may be a temporary solution until the company responsible for the game resolves optimization issues. By reducing global illumination, disabling depth of field and volumetrics, and optionally lowering resolution, you can experience significant performance improvements. Keep in mind that optimization may vary depending on hardware and individual preferences, so adjust the settings to suit your needs and enjoy your Cities Skylines II experience.

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