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Why is BGS no longer relevant in Brazil?

BGS 2023

The Brasil Game Show (BGS) was already one of the most anticipated events for game and technology lovers in Brazil. For years, the fair has achieved a prominent place on the national and international scene, attracting big names in the gaming industry, enthusiastic fans and renowned content creators.

However, in recent years, the relevance of BGS has decreased considerably, mainly due to the absence of official stands from large companies such as Xbox, PlayStation, Twitch and YouTube, as well as the lack of participation from influencers and content creators who were a constant presence in editions prior to the pandemic in 2019.

Is BGS worth it?

The Decline of Official Stands

The presence of official stands from major video game companies has always been one of the highlights of BGS. Fans were eagerly waiting to see what was new and play the most anticipated titles at the Xbox and PlayStation stands. However, in recent years, these companies have reduced their participation in BGS. The absence of official Xbox and PlayStation stands is one of the main reasons for the event's loss of relevance.

The reduction in the participation of these giants in the video game industry can be attributed to several factors. Firstly, companies are opting for other events and marketing strategies to present their products to the Brazilian public. Furthermore, the COVID-19 pandemic impacted the holding of in-person events, leading many companies to rethink their strategies for participating in fairs and exhibitions.

The Role of Content Creators

Another factor that contributed to the decrease in the relevance of BGS was the lack of presence of major content creators. Before the pandemic, the fair used to be a meeting point for Brazilian and international digital influencers, streamers and YouTubers. They not only participated in the event, but also interacted with fans, promoted products and games, and contributed to the lively atmosphere of BGS.

However, the pandemic has brought significant challenges to holding in-person events. Travel restrictions, social distancing, and health concerns have caused many content creators to avoid participating in BGS. This resulted in a breakdown in the connection between the influencers and the audience, which was an important part of the fair experience.

BGS is still worth it

The Evolution of the Games Market

In addition to the pandemic and changes in company strategies, the gaming market in Brazil and around the world is undergoing constant evolution. The way games are distributed, consumed and promoted is changing rapidly. Digital platforms, subscription services and live streaming are becoming increasingly important, and this has a direct impact on the way companies and content creators interact with their audiences.

In this context, BGS needs to adapt to remain relevant. This includes not only attracting large video game companies, but also creating opportunities for promoting independent games, supporting local developers and integrating elements of the eSports scene, which has grown significantly in Brazil.

Why is BGS not worth it?

The Future of BGS

Brasil Game Show faces significant challenges to regain its relevance in the gaming events scene in Brazil. It is essential that the event organization seeks innovative ways to attract the public and companies, considering market developments and changes in consumer behavior.

A more diversified approach, with greater focus on aspects such as independent games, virtual reality, eSports and online content, could help revitalize BGS. Additionally, creating strategic partnerships with relevant companies and influencers is essential to re-attracting audiences and industry attention.

In short, the lack of official stands from major video game companies and the absence of influential content creators have contributed to BGS's loss of relevance in recent years. However, with adaptation and innovation, the fair still has the opportunity to regain its prominent place in the gaming events scene in Brazil, as long as it is willing to reinvent itself and keep up with the constant changes in the games and entertainment market.

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