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Video Card Shuts Down and Black Screen: Causes and Solutions

Video Card Shuts Down and Black Screen: Causes and Solutions

The use of video cards in computers, especially systems intended for gaming and graphics-intensive activities, can be affected by a variety of issues. One of the most common problems faced by users is the disabling of the graphics card accompanied by a black screen.

With this in mind, we created this special article to explore some possible causes of this problem, highlighting factors such as high temperature, dust accumulation, damaged hardware, cryptocurrency mining activities and the importance of maintaining thermal paste.

Video Card Shuts Down and Black Screen: Causes and Solutions

1 – High Temperature

One of the main reasons for graphics card turning off with black screen is excessive temperature. When the GPU reaches temperatures exceeding 90 degrees Celsius, many modern graphics cards have thermal protection systems that automatically shut down to prevent damage. This can occur due to inadequate ventilation, obstruction of heat sinks or even inadequate cooling system.


  • Check cabinet ventilation.
  • Clean heat sinks and fans.
  • Consider installing an additional cooling system, such as fans or liquid cooling.

2 – Dust Accumulation

Dust buildup on your computer's internal components can lead to overheating, directly affecting your graphics card's performance.


  • Regularly clean the cabinet.
  • Use compressed air to remove dust from components.
Video Card Shuts Down and Black Screen: Causes and Solutions

3 – Damaged Hardware

Damaged components, such as faulty capacitors or resistors on the graphics card, can cause failures and shutdowns.


  • Visually inspect the video card for damaged components.
  • Consider replacing defective parts.

4 – Cryptocurrency Mining

The practice of mining cryptocurrencies can overload the GPU, leading to a significant increase in temperature and eventual shutdown.


  • Limit mining intensity to reduce stress on the GPU.
  • Consider using dedicated hardware for mining.

5 – Worn Thermal Paste

Over time, the thermal paste between the GPU and heatsink can dry out or lose its effectiveness, resulting in an increase in temperatures.


  • Replace thermal paste regularly to ensure efficient heat transfer.

The problem of a video card with a black screen can be caused by several factors, but many of these problems can be avoided or solved with proper maintenance. Monitoring the temperature, maintaining internal cleanliness, checking for damaged components and ensuring the effectiveness of thermal paste are essential steps to maintaining the stability and performance of the graphics card. When facing these issues, it is crucial to address the underlying causes to ensure a smooth and long-lasting computing experience.

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