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How to reload all weapons in GTA Online in seconds

GTA Online

THE Grand Theft Auto Online (GTA Online) is known for its dynamic and exciting gameplay, which often involves intense gunfights. In a world where ammunition is a limited and valuable resource, players often find themselves in situations where their weapons are empty and reloading them becomes an urgent necessity. A little-known but extremely effective technique for reloading all weapons in GTA Online is to enter a mission and exit it in sequence. In this article, we'll explore this strategy in detail and how you can use it to ensure your weapons are always ready for action.

How to reload all weapons in GTA Online in seconds

1 – Why Reload All Weapons?

In the virtual world of GTA Online, security is a valuable asset, and being prepared for any confrontation is crucial. Reloading weapons is an essential part of maintaining your firepower. By reloading all your weapons, you avoid unpleasant surprises and increase your chances of survival, whether in missions, combat against other players or in any unexpected situation that the game may throw at you.

2 – The Mission and Sequential Exit Technique

Reloading all weapons in GTA Online is a quick and efficient process when you adopt the sequential mission and output technique. Here are the steps to follow:

Step 1: Enter a Mission

  • Go to a safe location, such as your apartment, office or garage.
  • Access your cell phone in the game and go to the “Jobs” or “Missions” application.
  • Select any available mission. You don't need to complete the mission; just enter it.

Step 2: Exit the Mission Immediately

  • As soon as you enter the mission, cancel it immediately.
  • This is done by selecting the “Quit” or “Cancel Mission” option in the mission menu.
  • You will automatically be returned to your safe location, but with all your weapons fully reloaded.


Reload weapons in GTA Online quickly

3 – Why does it work?

This technique works because of the way GTA Online handles weapons and ammunition. When you enter a mission, the game automatically restores all your weapons and ammunition to their original state. This means that when you immediately exit the mission, you maintain this reloaded state, regardless of how much ammo you previously had.

4 – Benefits of the Mission and Sequential Exit Technique

Speed and Efficiency: This technique is quick and effective. In a matter of seconds, all your weapons will be reloaded.

Resources Saved: Prevents you from spending money on purchasing ammunition and time on visiting gun stores.

Combat Readiness: Ensures you are always ready for any confrontation in the world of GTA Online.

Versatility: You can use this technique anywhere and at any time, as long as you have access to your cell phone in the game.

5 – Additional Tips

Remember that this technique does not affect the stock of special ammunition, such as rockets, grenades, among others. These items must be purchased from weapon shops or restocked from their respective in-game sources.

If you're in a group or public session with friends, you can invite them to the same mission and exit so everyone can reload their weapons at the same time.

Make sure not to complete the mission as this may reverse the recharge status of your weapons.

The sequential mission and exit technique is a smart and quick way to reload all weapons in GTA Online without spending money or valuable time. Ensuring your weapons are always ready for action is essential to success in this virtual world filled with danger. So the next time you find yourself running low on ammo, remember this simple strategy that could make all the difference between victory and defeat in Los Santos.

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