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Movie Super Mario Bros. online release date revealed

The movie Super Mario Bros. It didn't do as well on Rotten Tomatoes but it was just wildly successful around the world. Although film critics were unable to reach a unanimous conclusion about the production, the public went to the cinema to see it and liked what they saw! During the long Easter weekend it opened, the project grossed $ 204.6 million domestically.

So the film broke the record and of course many people look forward to being able to see or review it at home! So time was not wasted and they have already announced that on May 16th the film will be available for digital purchase. With the film only working on a budget of $$100 million, Universal more than made its money back. They've even hoarded a lot of extra money to find some extra movies - which is exactly what they're likely to do.

Movie Super Mario Bros. online release date revealed

And if the film confirms its success in streaming with an audience watching, you can be sure that a sequel and expansion of the universe are coming. With so much disbelief with films based on video games, the film Super Mario Bros showed that there is still room in the seventh art for this niche. If you went to watch it or if you are waiting for it to arrive in streaming so you can see it, you can take heart. On Tuesday, May 16th, the film will be available to watch alone, with friends and / or with the whole family!

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