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Flash movie is one of the most expensive of DC Comics

The Flash movie trailer is out and with it speculation resumes and the numbers start to come out. The Flash movie budget came out and is one of the most expensive in the history of dc movies in the movie theater! As its theatrical release approached, The Flash experienced many delays in addition to its main star's headline controversies. In spite of this, there is still expectation not only by the public who are already fans of the adaptations of the stories in comics for cinema and the general public. After all, as much as the films have been around for more than ten years, there is still concern about whether they will work for the next few years or not.

Flash movie is one of the most expensive of DC Comics

The film's budget is "about" US $ 220 million, making it one of the most expensive DC films of all time. The film that united the great DC heroes is still the most expensive, Justice League it still holds the record for the most expensive film of all time, with a budget of US$ 300 million.


  • Justice League – US$ 300 million
  • Batman v Superman: Dawn of Justice: US$ 300 million
  • Black Adam – US$ 260 million
  • The Dark Knight Rises – US$ 250 Million
  • Man of Steel – US$ 225 million

The concern to create an immersive film without looking at costs was clearly put aside. Warner's confidence in the title seems great and part of the critics believes in the success of the production. But it's still a huge gamble on the part of Warner, since the last films were public failures, or critical failures, if not both. The Flash is scheduled to open in theaters on June 16 and if it doesn't make the expected profit, it will put everyone, actors, directors and screenwriters in crisis. It is to hope that so much investment will bring a tangible return so that we can continue to see stories of heroes by DC Comics / Warner in the cinema.

Watch The Flash movie trailer below:

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